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Georgia Society of Clinical Oncology

Founded in 1986, the Georgia Society of Clinical Oncology (GASCO) has become a nationally respected state professional society of physicians, practice administrators and affiliated healthcare professionals concerned with clinical oncology.

Our Mission:

The Georgia Society of Clinical Oncology (GASCO) is committed to serving the needs of oncology providers in order to ensure delivery of the highest quality of compassionate cancer care.

Our Vision: 

  • To Advocate for Cancer Care Providers
  • To Guide Integration of Cancer Care through Collaboration
  • To Be The Acknowledged Provider of Supportive Resources for Members of the Cancer Community
  • To Support Attainment of State Cancer Control Plan Objectives

Our Values - GASCO is committed to:

  • Promoting quality care initiatives
  • Enhancing access to care
  • Improving access to research clinical trials
  • Integrity and transparency regarding resources
  • Encouraging an environment of collaboration among colleagues
  • Providing services that meet the needs of members
  • Addressing issues of relevance to the cancer care community

Membership is open to community and institutional oncology specialists, with affiliate memberships available for other medical professionals working in the field of oncology. Go to Membership to join GASCO.

The GASCO Administrators Association is a vital part of the Society's success and holds an Annual Meeting and several other educational sessions for practice administrative staff each year. Go to Membership to enroll.