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Georgia's First Statewide Clinical Trials Navigator (CTN) Program

Helping Patients by Helping Providers Identify Clinical Trials

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Navigating Clinical Trials in Georgia


Georgia CORE's Clinical Trials Navigation (CTN) program is a three-year pilot program launched in March 2024. The service is part of a sponsor-funded program that utilizes a centralized clinical trials navigator model to help oncologists, research teams, patients, and caregivers identify oncology trials closest where a patient resides.

The program is built on three pillars:

  • Navigation - Providing a bridge between physicians and their staff to identify possible clinical trials for their patients.
  • Education - Providing program awareness to the research community, partners, and patients while addressing barriers to clinical trial accrual, especially amongst minority and rural populations.
  • Database Management & Administration - Providing a comprehensive database with real-time updates of clinical trials in Georgia. Our database can be found at

Georgia CORE's Clinical Trial Navigator

Georgia CORE's first Clinical Trial Navigator, Marquita Iddirisu, navigates patients in search of cancer clinical trials. In order for this program to be successful, Marquita is reaching out to investigators and research managers at Georgia's cancer centers. She will share how the Georgia CORE team is:

  • Providing a searchable database of cancer clinical trials. This online resource is kept up to date on all trials being offered in Georgia, including those involving treatments.
  • Assisting providers by helping identify trials for their patients. The website introduces Georgians to the basics of cancer clinical trials and connects them to more information. Importantly, the site encourages patients to consult with their healthcare providers.
  • Connecting you with a cancer clinical trials navigator. These professionals know Georgia's clinical trials landscape inside and out. They're experts in matching what's open/available in our state with the treatment needs of your patients.

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