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Emory University Woodruff Health Sciences Center - Inaugural Conference "Innovating with Existing Drugs and Nutraceuticals"

Meeting Host

Emory University | Woodruff Health Sciences Center | Center for Affordable Medical Innovation


Emory University Woodruff Health Sciences Center

Register now to attend this conference offered by the Center for Affordable Medical Innovation (CAMI), an interdisciplinary unit within the Woodruff Health Sciences Center at Emory University consisting of a core group of staff, and affiliated faculty from across Emory. Extending the vision of GlobalCures Inc., a non-profit medical research organization, CAMI, was created to promote research, education, and advocacy for effective and affordable medical treatments.

CAMI seeks to draw regional, national, and international attention to the issue of affordable innovation and aims to influence policy on this subject. To this end, the center offers learning opportunities for healthcare providers, researchers, health sciences students, and colleagues in government and non-profit organizations.

While medical research has yielded many life-saving blockbuster drugs, therapies are sorely inadequate for many diseases including common cancers, Alzheimer's disease and mental illness. In addition, many of the new drugs are expensive and thus unavailable to the world at large. Emory is trying to address both problems by encouraging the repurposing of existing drugs.

Target Audience

This conference is intended for researchers, clinicians, philanthropic leaders, policymakers and patients interested in opportunities to improve medical outcomes using repurposed drugs and nutraceuticals, especially in the areas of cancer and brain health.

This year's conference will feature many top physicians and researchers in their fields who will share recent developments in innovation in drug repurposing.

Sessions include:

  • Identifying drug repurposing opportunities
  • Drug repurposing for cancer
  • Drug repurposing for neurologic/psychiatric disease
  • Innovations in clinical trial design and funding

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